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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Special to All-Yes, Even You in Reseda

Merry Christmas to All. If you don't celebrate Christmas, just keep reading, it gets better. is having a promotion today with Agile Web Solutions. They make 1Pass, the great password protection software. You can save 40% today on both Mac and Windows software to protect your passwords.

Gawker Media got hacked this year and a lot of people used "password" as their password. Two close friends of mine got hacked this year. Don't you, a complete stranger, get hacked either. Get off your duff, stop swilling the leaded eggnog from Costco, and go to Save 40% and gain peace of mind.

Don't hesitate, this deal goes away at the stroke of midnight. Then the Ghost of Christmas Future will show you hackers cackling as they break open your bank account.

Tom Briant "The Grinch"
Editor, MacValley Voice and

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