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Sunday, December 19, 2010

All the News that's fit to upload

#1 Microsoft still planning to introduce Windows 7 tablets. I suggest that Mrs. Steve Ballmer have Brian X. Chen’s article from Wired tattooed on Mr. Steve Ballmer. Someplace that hurts.

#2 Good news. Nisus Software will sell their word processor Nisus Writer Express for 1/2 price, $22.50, for one day. Tuesday, December 21st. No coupons, just show up with your plastic in hand to make the purchase. That’s on Tuesday, December 21st.

#3 Least funny article of the year. Joshua Kor’s article in the Huffington Post about his failed experiences as a switcher was a fake! A satire! I say we yank his computer and give him a pencil and paper. That’s about all he’s up for. Idiot.

#4 But on to good news! If you want help with Spotlight, try out the beta of Houdah Sofware’s new Tembo. I’ve tried it and found it most helpful. It’s in beta now and will come out in the new Mac App Store in January. Get the beta here and try it for yourself.

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