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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for Monday 5-7-2018

iMac 20th anniversary: 8 ways the iMac changed computing

The original iMac was the computer that saved Apple.


20 years of iMac: A story of relentless design iteration

Interesting iMac history.


20 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the original Bondi Blue iMac to the world and forever changed the course of Apple history.


Apple's influential, iconic iMac turns 20

There are few individual computer models that have left a lasting mark on the industry, but you can definitely put the iMac on that list. Apple introduced its signature all-in-one desktop at a special event on May 6th, 1998, and it's safe to say the system has had a lasting impact.

And it's no secret that the iMac was instrumental to Apple's comeback. Its commercial success revitalized Apple after years of business blunders.


Neat cartoon for iMac’s 20th anniversary.

Because the URL is for an index page, I don’t know how long the cartoon will stay there.


Apple Music vs Spotify: Which should you choose?

Apple Music and Spotify are the dominant players in the streaming music business.

Both services are $9.99 per month.

Spotify claims it has over 35 million songs in its library. Apple claims it has 45 million songs.

I have my pros and cons for both of them. They both are close to perfect, but just place priorities on different things.


Using The Old Original Mac OS Is Pure Zen

Technology does not age well. But good design? That ages like a fine Bordeaux.

Of course I appreciate the old OS as a computing artifact, but I didn’t expect to earnestly enjoy using it.

Android and iOS both feel horrible in two colors, like your app icons are trapped in an episode of I Love Lucy. But black and white can feel great, if the OS is explicitly designed for it. Using an old Mac is pure zen.


The different fate of Apple’s Lisa and Macintosh (and why design matters)

Another interesting article of Macintosh history.


These are the seven best RAW camera apps for Android and iOS

A RAW photo offers better image quality than a JPEG, but capturing RAW images was once a feature reserved for only DSLRs and other high-end cameras. But thanks to increasingly capable smartphone cameras and clever developers, it’s now possible to shoot RAW photos on your smartphone. In fact, both iOS and Android support RAW photo capture out of the box.

We’ve rounded up the best RAW-compatible mobile apps for both Android and iOS, each of which takes a unique approach to shooting, editing, and managing RAW photos on your phone.


How to manage Face ID access for specific apps

Step-by-step instructions.


Inside 'iPhone City,' the massive Chinese factory town where half of the world's iPhones are produced


Find Your iPhone at Home Without Logging into iCloud

There are more ways to finding your missing iPhone than using Apple's own "Find My iPhone" tool in iCloud.

If you have an Apple Watch, it's really easy to find your iPhone with it as long as they are still connected using Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi.


It’s been six months since the iPhone X release, and one thing holds true: It’s still expensive. However, as much as I hated myself for buying a $1,000 phone, and as much as I hated myself for loving it, spending half a year with the iPhone X has revealed some new truths. One, Jony Ive is right when he says Face ID is more important than it seems. Two, Apple’s grasp on excellent quality control is slipping. Three, once you’ve fallen in love with the iPhone X, there’s no turning back.

Even with the blemishes, my iPhone X experience amounts to a collage of positive experiences.


Apple will fix bug affecting iPhone 7 and 7 Plus microphones

Some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models running iOS 11.3 or later are experiencing an issue with their microphones. Some users have reported that after updating, their phones' microphones stopped working, affecting voice memos, calls, FaceTime and speakerphone.


Yet another reason I’ll never switch from the iPhone to Android

iOS 11 is far and away the most problematic version of iOS that Apple has released in years.

But however bad things get with Apple’s mobile software platform, you’ll never come across anything like the crazy malware that was just discovered on Android.

Kaspersky Lab wrote about the discovery of a fascinating and terrifying new piece of Android malware that has been uncovered. It’s called “ZooPark” and it’s essentially an amalgamation of every scary malware you can think of.

“ZooPark is a cyberespionage operation that has been focusing on Middle Eastern targets since at least June 2015,” Kaspersky Labs’ Alexey Firsh wrote on the company’s blog.

A sophisticated piece of malware like this is impossible to achieve on the iPhone — unless you jailbreak your iPhone.

The level of access needed to pull off something like ZooPark will never exist in iOS, and it’s yet another big reason why I stick with the iPhone.


Apple 2018 iPad review: The Pencil is sharp

The 2018 iPad’s support for the Apple Pencil is not quite as good as the iPad Pro support, but it’s still pretty good.  Especially considering the new iPad is only about half the price of the Pro.


Yes, the Apple Pencil rocks on the new iPad

Yes, there is a teeny-weeny difference in terms of how the pencil reacts to the screen. For example, the iPad Pro picks up the tiniest bit of movement and captures better detail as compared to the iPad, but the difference is not really noticeable.


Apple iPad (2018) Full Review: Good Performance, Great Price, Almost A Pro


Review:  Apple iPad (2018)


Apple iPad (2018) review: The Pen(cil) is mightier than the rest

This article was written by a person in India.  iPad prices are listed in Rupees.

Apple is targeting the education sector with the 6th-gen iPad (or iPad 2018). So much so that the launch event was held in a school.

What’s different in the new iPad is the support for Apple Pencil.  Prior to this iPad, only the iPad Pro supported the Apple Pencil.


5 tips and tricks for Apple's newest iPad


Best note-taking apps for iPad Pro


Apple now performing rear camera repairs for iPhone X Face ID issues

Essentially, the document explains that employees should first run a diagnostics test to see if the customer’s Face ID issues could be resolved with a rear camera repair. If that doesn’t turn out to be the case, the employee should simply perform a whole unit replacement, giving the customer a new phone.


‘Seek medical attention,’ her Apple Watch said. Good thing she did.

Stacey Recktenwald, a registered nurse, monitored her daughter's heart rate for about an hour and confirmed the results from the watch. She took her daughter to an urgent care clinic, where doctors and nurses seemed sceptical.  

“They didn't believe us at first,” Deanna Recktenwald said. “But then they took my pulse and told us we should go to the emergency room.”

A biopsy later would lead to the diagnosis of alport syndrome, a genetic condition characterised by kidney disease.

Apple Watch's abilities as a health monitoring system have piqued the interest of physicians worldwide, said Dr Peter Chang, chief medical informatics officer at Tampa General.


Hillsborough teen: Apple Watch saved my life


William Monzidelis, 32, was working at his family’s bowling alley in the Bronx when he became dizzy and had unexplained bleeding.  His Apple Watch alerted him to seek medical attention.

Doctors in the emergency room soon discovered that Monzidelis had an ulcer that had ruptured. Due to this, he needed a blood transfusion before he could even undergo surgery.


Apple Watch: How to pair with new iPhone


Owner/operator of smart phone business says he’s seeing a lot more fake iPhones

The owner and operator of Device Doctors warns that fake iPhones have hit the streets on P.E.I.

Cory Rusk said he’s got bins full of knock-offs at his Charlottetown store that are rendered useless, leaving customers without a phone and out significant money.


'Don't trust the iCloud’ says Paris Hilton

Heiress Paris Hilton isn't storing her nude pictures on the iCloud any more after the hacker who stole nude photos and more than $170,000 from her was jailed for almost five years.


A Los Angeles woman with a long criminal history of identity theft was sentenced Monday to nearly five years in federal prison for hacking hotel heiress Paris Hilton’s bank and iCloud accounts, stealing $130,000 and personal photos.


How Secure Are Face ID and Touch ID?

While it’s almost certain that no random stranger will be able to get into your phone, if you’re the victim of a targeted attack, things might be different.

Both Touch ID and Face ID are completely vulnerable if someone can force you to log in, either by holding your finger against the sensor (even when you’re asleep) or making you look at your phone. And those two types of attacks are much easier to pull off than forcing someone to give over their passcode.


Stay secured with VPN App is a VPN (virtual private network) service and application, designed to help keep you safe when you use the internet.

By using an encrypted VPN, hackers and malicious attackers are prevented from stealing or snooping on your data when connected to public wifi networks (like at coffee shops, hotels, or airport).


Apple took 8 days to give me the data it had collected on me. It was eye opening.


Computers in North Korea run on look-alike Mac software called 'Red Star 3.0' — see what it looks like to log in and use it


Chinese Factories Employ "Brain Scanners" To Stop Workers' Mistakes Before They Happen

... deploy new brain scanners that monitor abnormalities in emotions and thought patterns.

Forget the Facebook leak: China is mining data directly from workers’ brains on an industrial scale

Brain surveillance can take privacy abuse to a whole new level.

Government-backed surveillance projects are deploying brain-reading technology to detect changes in emotional states in employees on the production line, the military and at the helm of high-speed trains

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