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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Your Final Before Christmas Warning!

Hi All! This is my last-minute column about preparing for the unwrapping of presents involving high-end electronics.

First, keep them on a separate table from the holidays drinks and snacks. Liquids and crumbs do not agree with those electronics devices. I am repeating myself, but it’s your dollars that bought this stuff, so take care of it.

Second, if you need to pass out information such as Wi-Fi passwords, make sure you wrote them down or put them into your cellphone’s notes app beforehand. You don’t want to crawl around under a scratchy Christmas tree to find the router at that time of the morning. 

Third, As for gifts to pass out at this time, I refer you to my lists for the computer literate and computer ignorant. When in doubt, give Apple or Amazon gift cards.

Fourth, keep pets out of the same room when unwrapping expensive electronics. You don’t need a dog or cat knocking a laptop on the floor. 

Fifth, expect the Internet to be jammed Christmas Day with people trying their new equipment or trying to access Amazon to return stuff they didn’t want. So have some patience. 


 So have a Merry Christmas or whatever you’re celebrating.


Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog



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