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Monday, October 2, 2017

What you can do to help the situations we face

My Fellow Mac enthusiasts:


I try to keep my posts as apolitical and on the topic of the Macintosh. Now is not that time.


1. The Caribbean is a mess. It needs our help. Start by going here to this PBS Newshour page listing sites for contributions. 

I don’t want to see your fingers typing out tweets about the President when you could donate to relief efforts. DO IT NOW.


2. Las Vegas. What happened at that country music festival, which should have been a fun time for all, is now a national horror. If you read this blog in the Las Vegas/Henderson area,

Sign up to Donate blood. They’re going to need it by the 55 gallon drum load. Again, hold your tweets until you’ve done your part.

 If you want to donate blood in the local San Fernando Valley area, the Red Cross donation center is on Variel Street in Woodland Hills. Their phone number is (818) 992-2020. 

And yes, I am donating just as soon as I get past an embargo they placed on my blood due a prostate prescription. Check on-line to see if your prescriptions or past medical history prevent you form donating. Go to the Red Cross Blood site for eligibility criteria

3. Tom Petty. I got to him last of all because, well, he’s in the hospital receiving the best of care. My thoughts and prayers are with him tonight. I hope he’s up and around for the 60th Anniversary tour in ten years. 


Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog

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