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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for Thursday, 4-27-2017

Put to the Test: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Versus Apple iPhone 7 Plus
The Galaxy S8+ is a wonderful smartphone, but I will be returning mine. I fell in love with it at first, but Samsung’s latest can’t replace my iPhone 7 Plus. My iPhone may not be as good looking, but gets the job done more efficiently. I may change my mind with the Galaxy Note 8, but I will not be divorcing my iPhone 7 Plus—at least for the next five months.
After two weeks with the Galaxy S8, I still think the iPhone 7 Plus is the world’s best phoneImage
There’s one more reason I could never ditch my iPhone 7 Plus for a Galaxy S8Image
The Apple Watch.
How to reset passcode on iPhone, iPad or iPod
A step-by-step guide on what to do when you've forgotten your iPad, iPod or iPhone passcode. Fix and restore your iOS device with iTunes.
The key thing to note, though, is that unless you made a backup of your device before you forgot your passcode, you might lose some of your recent data.
iPad (2017) review

The iPad Air 3 may be dead, but the new iPad is a worthy successor
The way to buy a MacBook Pro less expensively is to head to the refurb section of the online Apple Store. There has been a constant turnover of older Mac machines on this page for many years. The machines generally come with a $200-$300 discount depending on the model, but Apple will still offer a twelve-month warranty and the option to purchase Apple Care for the same price as those who buy their MacBooks new.
Macbook Pro 2017 long-term review: Full thoughts on Apple’s 15-inch Touch Bar laptop
We’ve spent over three months with the latest Macbook Pro model and our long-term review reveals the highs and lows of that time with Apple’s super-powered laptop.
It’s a great computer if you are one of the most demanding users.
But if you want something for browsing the web and checking out cute cat videos on YouTube, buy a cheaper MacBook.
Apple earnings: As users spend more, services revenue grows
Software and services—comprising iTunes, the App Store, iCloud, Apple Care and Apple Pay—continued a steady climb by adding $4.5 billion in revenue last year, a 22.3% gain.
This Apple Store just got robbed for the second time in six months
Of all the retailers in your average US mall, Apple Stores are probably near the top when it comes to the value of the goods on display, surpassed only by jewelry stores.
Why Thieves Who Stole $24,000 of Gear From an Apple Store Might Be Disappointed
Seventeen iPhones, three iPads, and two computers were stolen from an AppleStore in Corte Madera, Calif. on Tuesday—totaling $24,000 worth of products.
It's not clear if the stolen products will even function. According 9to5Mac, Apple has added a “kill switch” to its store demonstration devices—meaning they are deactivated once they're removed from the store’s wi-fi network. That's why the display devices aren’t bolted to tables with steel cables anymore.
Thefts should soon drop off as soon as word gets around to thieves that there’s no point in stealing them.
Why I Go Offline for 12 Straight Hours Each Day
I  go offline from 8pm – 8am every day.

This means that I disconnect from email, social media, and internet for 12 consecutive hours each day.

It greatly increases my overall productivity and peace of mind.
Keeping this schedule enables me to prioritize the things that are most important in my life — my family, my health, and my work. If I was always connected and attached to my phone or computer, I am sure that each of those three buckets would suffer.

Q.  What Is Ethereal?
A.  A competing crypto-currency to BitCoin.
Q.  Should I Buy Ethereum?
A.  All cryptocurrency investing is risky – any one of them, including Bitcoin, could completely collapse at some point.

Q.  Didn’t I Hear That Ethereum Was Hacked?
A.  The Ethereum code itself was not hacked, but a grand and bold experiment called the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) was.
     We've seen this play out with Bitcoin as well. Individual Bitcoin exchanges have been hacked because of weak security.
     But the Bitcoin code has never been hacked.
Although it may seem puzzling to have many different cryptocurrencies ( tracks more than 800), each has distinct features.

Virtually all of them, including Ethereum, are based on Bitcoin's code. Bitcoin is "open source," so anyone can copy it, modify it, and release it as a new cryptocurrency.

While Ethereum's code is based on Bitcoin's, it has several significant differences.

Elon Musk’s new company, Neuralink, is working on linking the human brain with computers to create a product that can help people with severe brain injuries.  Musk said that he thinks that can happen in just about four years.

How to erase yourself from the Internet
The European Court of Justice has ruled that there’s a controversial “right to be forgotten” on that continent, but it’s difficult to scrub your digital existence. “There are ways if content violates a web host’s policy, but it’s not often successful,” says Joseph Torrillo, vice president at Reputation Management. “It’s a very labor intensive and drawn-out process.”
There are however, smarter methods if you can live with having some negative stuff out there. “If you can’t get rid, dilute,” says Don Sorensen.

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