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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for Sunday, 9/25/2016


New Apple Products Have the Right Gaming Stuff
Apple is making a bid to attract gaming fans to the more powerful graphics and processing power embedded in its new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 products.
The phone's improved graphics performance makes it suitable for more intensive gaming.
It costs Apple about a third as much to make an iPhone 7 as it charges you
The cheapest iPhone 7 retails for $649, but new research suggests it costs Apple roughly $225 to build one.
The iPhone 7 is just fine, even if it doesn’t wow
Consumer Reports: Latest iPhones survive in water, take better photos
How to Use Apple's New iPhone 7
20 tips.
How to take a screenshot on an iPhone

Apple Watch Series 2 review: A faster, brighter fitness machine
I’ve long argued that the device’s true purpose lies in its health and fitness features. Apple is closer to realizing that potential with Apple Watch Series 2.
The Series 2’s marquee feature is built-in GPS, which means you can leave your phone at home and the watch will record workouts like runs, hikes, and bike rides accurately.
The Series 2 is, as promised, water-resistant up to 50 meters. This opens up the Apple Watch to a brand-new demographic: Swimmers.
With Series 2, Apple is committing to what I consider its highest purpose: your health.
With the new Apple Watch Series 2, the company is explicitly positioning the device as a sports watch. In particular, the second generation brings a built-in GPS radio for more accurate distance tracking on runs, walks, hikes, bike rides and swims. Yes, swims: It's also waterproof this time, safe for submersion in up to 50 meters of water.
Interesting list of pros and cons.
The Series 2 is a good smartwatch, but not the best sports watch.
The Series 2 isn't robust enough for those people to give up their dedicated sports watches just yet.
As a lifelong swimmer, I found the addition of 50-meter water resistance and swim workout tracking in the Apple Watch Series 2 to be a welcome improvement that made the new watch a must-have upgrade for me.
With Apple Watch Series 2, Apple has not only upgraded the water resistance with new gaskets and seals to make it suitable for swimming, but added new Pool Swim and Open Water Swim workouts to help track your progress.
So how well does the swim workout tracking work? The answer is very well if your goal is to simply swim back and forth to rack up yardage.
Where the Apple Watch's swim tracking starts to fall short is for people looking to do more varied swim workouts based around swim sets and focused exercises like stroke drills and kicking.
A GPS sensor and better water resistance make the new Apple Watch a serious fitness tracker
The Apple Watch Series 2 comes in three models: the least expensive aluminum model that starts at $369; the stainless steel model that starts at $549; and a ceramic model that starts at $1,249.
GPS is what really makes this a sport watch.
Apple Watch 2 review: There's finally a reason to buy a smartwatch
With both the Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS 3, Apple is bringing a needed layer of polish and focus to both the hardware and software ... settling into a groove as a fitness gadget for casual-to-moderate exercisers that also happens to do some other smartwatch-y things.
Apple Watch Series 2: Specs, straps and all you need to know
Transforming the user-interface in watchOS 3 was Apple’s real act of courage
Unlocking a Mac with an Apple Watch requires two-factor, not two-step, iCloud protection—what?
What’s the difference between two-step verification and two-factor authentication? A lot of frustration for people...
Even people who have enabled either two-step or two-factor are hard pressed to understand which is which and what’s going on.
This article has instructions on what you need to do to do switch from two-step to two-factor logins and activate the unlock-by-Watch feature.
How to Auto Unlock Your Computer With Your Apple Watch
macOS Sierra: How to Unlock Your Mac With Your Apple Watch
Apple on Tuesday released macOS 10.12 Sierra, bringing Siri to the desktop, many cross-platform integrations between iOS and macOS, Apple Pay for the web, and hundreds of other enhancements and bug fixes.
MacOS Sierra requires a 2009 iMac, 2009 MacBook, 2010 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, or Mac Pro.
Slide Show:
10 Most Valuable Features in Apple's macOS Sierra
Please don't drill a hole in your iPhone 7
Internet pranksters are making viral memes suggesting that users take an electric drill to their new devices. And unfortunately, some people say they're falling for it.
Hackers Can More Easily Steal Your Passwords With Apple's iOS 10

According to Elcomsoft, hackers who use its password-cracking software, Phone Breaker, can send six million passwords per second at the iOS 10 backup to try to unlock the data. In Apple’s iOS 9, which launched last year, encryption capped those attempts at 150,000 passwords a second.

The difference makes it 2,500 times easier for hackers to obtain a password with iOS 10, according to Elcomsoft.

The flaw relates only to manual iPhone and iPad backups that users start via iTunes and not through Apple’s cloud-based repository iCloud.

iOS 10 backups are easier to crack, but Apple promises to fix security flaw

Forensic researcher claims iOS 10 local backups are easier to crack since the security protection is 2,500 times weaker than in iOS 9, but Apple promised to roll out a patch for the security flaw.

“We discovered an alternative password verification mechanism added to iOS 10 backups,” Elcomsoft’s Oleg Afonin wrote in a blog post on Friday. “We looked into it and found out that the new mechanism skips certain security checks, allowing us to try passwords approximately 2500 times faster compared to the old mechanism used in iOS 9 and older.”

This is the Israeli company that can hack any iPhone and Android smartphone

If Cellebrite sounds familiar, that’s because the name of this Israeli company came up during Apple’s standoff with the FBI over breaking iPhone encryption. The agency managed to crack the San Bernardino iPhone with the help of an undisclosed company.

The iPhone may be hackable to some extent, but that doesn’t mean that Cellebrite cracked the iPhone 5c that belonged to one of the San Bernardino shooters. Or at least, the company would not comment on any of its customers.

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