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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Round-up for August 21 2016


Woz on Tim Cook's first 5 years as Apple CEO
It's been five years since Cook took over from the late Steve Jobs, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak couldn't be happier about the new CEO's performance.
6 ways to clear up storage space on your iPhone
Why you should buy AppleCare+ for your Apple Watch
Extended warranties on electronics are often a waste of money, but in the case of the Apple Watch, the extended service plan is well worth the extra cash.
The two problems with my Watch were clearly manufacturer defects, Apple didn't charge me for the replacement device because I'd bought AppleCare+.
Apple is losing its lead in smartphones
When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in January 2007, he made a bold claim that the new product was five years ahead of its time.

He was wrong.

It's been over nine years and no one has made a better phone than the iPhone. But after all these years, the iPhone's lead has never been smaller. In fact, it's razor thin.
So why is Apple still slightly ahead?

It's because of the one thing Samsung or anyone else can't replicate: iOS.  iOS makes it possible for Apple to provide prompt updates and better security.
Apple Drops 'Store' From Apple Store Branding
Apple appears to be making a slight branding change to its retail business, dropping the "Store" moniker when referring to its Apple Store locations. Apple has already made the change online, and all of its store pages now refer to stores by names like "Apple Union Square" or "Apple Valley Fair" or "Apple The Grove," instead of "Apple Store, Valley Fair" or "Apple Store, The Grove."
Who will get your iTunes when you die?
Your 20,000-song iTunes library is valuable both monetarily and as an artifact of your life, so you’d like to leave it to your children. Legally, you probably can’t.
You’re not the owner.
One problem is that generally you don’t actually own the digital music and books you buy on your computer and mobile devices — you’ve only bought licenses to listen and view those products.
What I Learned Working With Jony Ive's Team On The Apple Watch
Bob Messerschmidt sold his company to Steve Jobs and went to work building the Apple Watch in 2010. He saw a lot during his three years at Apple
At Apple I learned that design and user experience is everything when it comes to consumer products. It’s not so much the technology. It’s the design of the product that creates that sense of happiness in the user.
The Chinese answer to Apple is falling apart
Sales in China of smartphones from Xiaomi, a once red-hot Chinese hardware startup touted as the country's answer to Apple, fell by a whopping 38% in the second quarter of 2016 year-on-year.
Massive Windows 10 Update Causing Serious New Problems
The Anniversary Update is doing more harm than good to the reputation of Windows 10 and it is hard to see how it will convince Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, who declined to upgrade to Windows 10 when it was free, to upgrade now they have to pay.
New Snowden documents prove the hacked NSA files are real
Newly released documents from former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden confirm what many experts had already believed: The 234-megabyte archive of NSA hacker tools, exploits, and implants that leaked online earlier this week is real.
Your average hacker will build tools that break in, but a sophisticated hacker — such as those employed by the US or some other nation — will build tools that break in, hide all their tracks, and turn everything off once they get what they need.
NEXT YEAR — August 21, 2017 — a total solar eclipse will traverse the U.S. from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
The path of totality will be within one day’s drive of most people living in the 48 states region
If you can possibly get some vacation time on that date, definitely go see it.
Every person who sees a total eclipse of the sun tells stories about it for the rest of his / her life.

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