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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrap-up for November 8, 2015

Consumer Reports: Apple laptops are most reliable

Apple laptops are far less likely to need repairs than other brands, according to Consumer Reports.
"Our survey finds that the more you use your laptop, the more likely it is to break," said Karen Jaffee with Consumer Reports. "However, with Apple, people use them quite a bit and they still have a very low failure rate.”
Consumer Reports recommends purchasing Apple's service contact, Apple Care, when buying a new Apple laptop.
Apple iMac review: two sizes of Retina
For 2015, Apple has brought that same once-you’ve-seen-it-there’s-no-going-back sharpness to its 21.5-inch iMac, which now features a 4K display and starts at $1,499.
Both iMacs are perfectly capable of editing that 4K footage, too — so long as you don’t get suckered into buying the base 1TB hard drive. It’s 2015, and Apple somehow thinks it’s reasonable to put cheap 5400-rpm hard disks in these wondrous Retina machines.
So consider the $100 Fusion Drive upgrade to be a mandatory one if you’re buying these machines.
Apple Allows Another Bitcoin-Based Mobile App
See Amazing Drone Footage of Apple’s New Campus
Apple’s latest figures show that sixty-six percent of devices compatible with iOS 9 are running the latest major version of the software. Once more, Apple has shown its superpower in the ability to keep the mobile platform fresh, while Google’s Android OS continues to be hampered by strategic decisions made many years ago.
As more vulnerabilities and issues are found in both mobile operating systems, it is Apple that retains the ability to quickly deal with issues through an OS update. Google can patch up some areas, notably in any single application or issue in the Google Play services code, but anything lower in the stack that requires an over-the-air update is going to be caught up in the politics of the Android ecosystem and the uneasy relationship between consumers, carriers, manufacturers and Google.
There’s no doubt that Android has won the market share battle, but with record sales of iOS handsets, ninety-two percent of smartphone profits flowing to Apple and Android flagship sales dropping, it seems that the pursuit of market share is a hollow victory.
This one small, inexpensive addition makes the new MacBook much better
A hacking organization says Apple rejected its app because it featured talks explaining how to hack computers
Somebody Just Claimed a $1 Million Bounty for Hacking the iPhone
somebody claimed the $1 million bounty set by the new startup Zerodium, according to its founder Chaouki Bekrar, a notorious merchant of unknown, or zero-day, vulnerabilities.
The Unhackable iPhone Has Been Compromised: "Intelligence Agencies Can Intercept Calls, Messages, & Access Data”
The exploits, according to experts, would give snoopers the ability to not only access the data on your phone, but intercept calls, text messages and even live chat conversations.

Here’s the kicker: the exploit is remote, so it can be launched on your phone without you even knowing about it. Simply visiting a web site or receiving a certain kind of text message could initiate the jailbreak process on your phone and then install unwanted (and hidden) monitoring apps.
Best apps for investors and traders

One must-have app for traders and investors is's app (available for iOS and for Android).

For the economist in you, try the FRED app (available for iOS and for Android).

Lots of other app recommendations.

In a recent paper titled “Rich corporations, poor societies: The financialisation of Apple”, the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) and the Good Electronics Network have published their observations on the financialisation route that an increasing number of large electronic goods corporations are taking, and the adverse societal impact this can have while not proving sustainable for the companies themselves.

Although the paper takes Apple as its main subject of study, its observations are broad encompassing and possibly apply to many other tech giants such as Google or Amazon.

It notes how Apple is increasingly investing into financial structures for fiscal optimization rather than into tangible research and product manufacture, as a way to inflate its value for shareholders while being detrimental to the societies in which the company operates.
How to delete all of the search data Facebook keeps on you

Trojanized Adware Invades Third-Party Android App Stores

Security researchers have discovered a new type of trojanized adware targeting devices running Google's mobile operating system.

As soon as you install one of these malicious apps, the malware automatically roots your device, embeds itself as a system application, and becomes "nearly impossible" to remove.,2817,2494583,00.asp

Because these pieces of adware root the device and install themselves as system applications, they become nearly impossible to remove, usually forcing victims to replace their device in order to regain normalcy

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