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Sunday, April 5, 2015

iPad turns 5: What Apple's tablet has meant to us | Macworld

iPad turns 5: What Apple's tablet has meant to us | Macworld: ""



I didn’t purchase the first generation iPad because it lacked a camera and the second generation iPad because it didn’t come in Retina resolution like the iPhone.

When the third generation iPad came out with the features I wanted, I went on-line and ordered it immediately. I kept it in the box for some time, as I felt so jazzed to have one of the magic slabs. Oh, and I went all out. I bought the biggest one available, the 64 Gb one.

Our former President, Cristael Bengtson, bought one early on and told us how it soon became an extension of her arm! 

I use the iPad to subscribe to three different Mac magazines and as a second screen for my Mac Mini. I also have iBooks and Amazon Kindle. At work, now that my iPod Classic has died, it’s my music source. 

As my eyes get more and more tired, I remember a great article by Chris Breen in Macworld about his mother’s 100 year old husband. This happy, healthy centenarian needed help in reading. The iPad, even in its earliest iteration, allowed you to enlarge text to a comfortable size. Chris made sure to get him one of his own as soon as possible. 

So Happy Easter and Happy Passover to you all. 


Tom Briant

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