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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Web Wrapup

Apple's OS X 10.10.2 update fixes Wi-Fi connection issues, improves iCloud, patches security holes

Quad-Core 2012 Mac Mini Mysteriously Reappears on Apple's U.S. Online Store

How to make a four-year-old MacBook Pro run like a ‘brand-new computer’ for just $170

Buy and install (a) more RAM and (b) a solid state drive (SSD).

The Incredible 31-Year Evolution Of The Mac

Apple Just Released A New iPhone Update That May Solve One Of The Biggest Annoyances With iOS 8

The new update reduces the amount of storage required to install software updates on the iPhone. Apple previously required that users have 5GB of free storage on their iPhone or iPad to successfully download and install iOS 8.

12 ways to save your iPhone's battery

The Best Free Apps For Your iPhone

Great Black and White Images with iOS 8

Editing photos on the native iOS platform has always been lacking in refinement, that is until iOS 8. Apple introduced a photo editor that was a one touch simple editor with a second layer of editing control that allows for far more refinement.

Editing in iOS 8 is a far cry from previous editors and allows for a far deeper control. It may seem a little cumbersome at first but after a couple of uses its very intuitive and easy to use. With the varying levels of control this has something for everyone.

How to make money selling books on the iBookstore, publish your book in Apple's book store

No One Can Beat The iPhone

The iPhone continues to be a roaring success because it offers unique experiences you simply can't get from the dozens (100+?) of Android devices that launch each year.

Android phone makers haven't been able to nail the kind of innovation that sticks like Apple has.

Why Samsung can't stand toe-to-toe with Apple

how is it possible that Samsung could be losing so much money on mobile while selling virtually the same number of smartphones as Apple? It’s complicated.

Both ends of Samsung’s mobile business are being attacked by companies that simply have a better handle on how to attract specific types of consumers of each end.

Samsung benefits far less from after-sale activity on its phones, while Apple continues to see cash roll in [via its app store] long after it has made a mint on the device purchase.

Apple Pay's success has rivals scrambling to catch up, could make PayPal an acquisition target

Apple Pay's launch has sent competitors such as Google and Samsung scrambling to respond, through acquisitions or otherwise.

Tim Cook said Apple Pay now represents 80 percent of contactless transactions at Panera Bread, while upscale grocer Whole Foods saw a 400 percent increase in contactless payments since the service launched.

Apple is now a bigger bricks-and-mortar retailer than Penney and Gap

The World's Most Accurate Apple Analyst Predicted Mind-Melting iPhone Sales

Ming Chi Kuo is predicting that Apple will report iPhone sales be up a whopping 43% on a year-over-year basis. And, if Kuo is right, Apple will have sold about $44 billion worth of iPhones.

Looks like he got it right.  Apple's performance from October to December 2014 was staggering.

Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones, up 46% compared to the year prior. Analysts were expecting only 65 million units sold.

The average selling price of an iPhone was $687. The average selling price of Android phones is about $300.

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Apple's Latest Quarter

Apple's net income last quarter was $18 billion, the largest quarterly earnings for any company ever, according to Wikipedia.

Every other company in the top 25 most profitable quarters of all time is an energy company.

13 Jaw Dropping Facts about Apple's Billions

Wall Street shocked by Apple's staggering quarter

Apple’s Big Lessons for Business Leaders

America On-Line (AOL) is shutting down The Unofficial Apple Weblog, better known as TUAW

AOL decided against selling TUAW, leaving open the possibility it could resurrect the site in the future. But for now, a team of writers and editors are out of jobs.

AOL is in the midst of a major reorganization, and is cutting back on media properties it deems as underperforming.

Founded just over 10 years ago in December 2004, TUAW was acquired by AOL in 2005 when it purchased Weblogs, Inc.

Right now AOL has three flagship content properties in The Huffington Post,TechCrunch, and Engadget.

10 things LinkedIn won't tell you

Reader comment:
Linkedin is a pain in the ass. I have received hundreds of sales calls and targeted emails from people wanting to sell goods and services to the company I work at. When I ask them how they found me, they say "I found you on LinkedIn and guessed your email address" or "I found you on LinkedIn, called your company's main number and asked for you by name." I have now cut my Linkedin profile down to nothing and the sales calls and spam have evaporated. Linkedin is awesome for sellers - a searchable treasure-trove of sales leads with people willingly publishing everything there is to know about them, but it's hell being on the other side.

Norway Has Figured Out How To Solve The Problem Of Music Piracy

So how is Norway managing to buck the trend and reduce the levels of piracy? Simple: Most people in Norway use streaming services instead of buying music.

18 Apps That Earn You Money

Education Moment: The Man with 26 Million Students

Zach Sims runs a three-year-old website called Codecademy, which enables users to learn six popular programming languages, via a simple interface, for free.

Zach was invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos to talk about online education. He was Codecademy's first student, creating Codecademy to teach himself.

"Its crazy that two kids could start something in a one-bedroom apartment in California, and educate more people in a weekend than a formal institution could in years," he says.

The future of education is online and inexpensive. In this case, free is the operative word.

Google enlists Chrome in push for encrypted Web

Google has taken its first step to flag ordinary sites like Wikipedia and CNN with a security warning because they are unencrypted, allowing all data transmissions to be viewed by the prying eyes of hackers or governments.

Moving toward encryption by default is a profound, monumental change for the Web.

Before Net Neutrality: The Surprising 1940s Battle for Radio Freedom

To fully understand what's at stake in the fight over the future of the Internet, you have to revisit another era.

These 11 apps and websites will make you miss your childhood

This Is Getting Serious: Intellectual Self-Isolation in China

Back in 2008, China's censorship was shrewd, even brilliant, in that it applied an amazingly light touch.

In the last few months, Internet censorship has clamped way down.
One Chinese person wrote " I will return to China next week and settle down to an Internet that simply does not work."

Now we're seeing surplus repression as well.

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