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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly World Wide Web Wrap-up!

Why I Love And Hate The Apple iPhone 6 Plus

It's 8 Years Since The iPhone Was Unveiled — Look How Terrible The First One Was

You're not wrong to ask "So what?" The point here is that technology takes time to fully form. While the iPhone was a miracle when it was released, it still had a long way to go.

This Is Where Apple’s Money Comes From

46 facts about the new Apple campus

Here's How Apple Could Keep You Out Of The Doctor's Office

The iPhone and Apple Watch may upend how we take care of ourselves through do-it-yourself (DIY) diagnoses.

Video consultations will slowly replace visiting the doctor's office.

Phone attachments will allow people to test their blood, liver, kidney, urine, breath, and sweat, UBS predicted.

How An Indie Developer Makes Five Figures A Month On The App Store

This person wrote an app called "Hours Tracker".
He didn't think it would make much money when he first started selling it on Apple's App Store.
But when is made a few thousand dollars a month, he decided to keep improving it.
He now makes more money than he could from a job.

Pink Floyd drummer blames Apple for music’s downfall

Google, Apple face trouble but remain must-own stocks

What's the next great Revolution? Wearables are a continuation of the App Revolution, and they are going to be even bigger than smartphones. So while I might be cautious about the broader markets for the near-term, I continue to stay all-systems go in the App Revolution.

I trimmed Apple recently when it hit a $700 billion market cap, but as it stands, Apple and Google are my two largest personal positions, as they have been most of the time for more than a decade now.

A Teenager Finally Explains What Adults Just Don't Get About Facebook, Instagram, And Snapchat

Facebook ...... an awkward family dinner party we can't really leave.

Twitter: "To be honest, a lot of us simply do not understand the point of Twitter."

Snapchat has a lot less social pressure attached to it compared to every other popular social media network out there.

This Tiny Startup Has Figured Out How To Turn Twitter's Free Data Into A Goldmine

Things People Say When You're A Blonde Engineer At MIT

The Dangers of Your Automated Home Being Hacked

If you automate your home enough, hackers might be able to hack your air conditioner to never shut off -- and leave you with a huge electric bill.

Or turn on the water and flood your house -- causing catastrophic damage.

And your automated home will even let hackers know when you are away so that, when you return, it's too late to do anything about it.

Wait 'till hackers attack millions of homes via badly insecure internet connected devices.

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