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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LIbreOffice has some new tricks

The latest version of LibreOffice,, has added some old Apple file formats to the plethora of formats it already reads. 

You could already read ClarisWorks/Appleworks text documents and save them in OpenDocument (*.odt) or Word or .rtf format.. Now you can open ClarisWorks/Appleworks spreadsheets and save them in OpenDocument (*.ods) or Excel format.

In addition, LibreOffice will open and display ClarisWorks/Appleworks vector drawings. You can’t edit them in its Draw module, though, unless you copy and paste each element into a new LO Draw document. 

You can export in JPEG or PNG or PDF formats. Go to File—> Export for this. 

I even tried opening a database file, one of the old MacValley membership files. The results were unsatisfactory. 

And yes, LO works the same in Windows  as it does in OS X and Linux. 

Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Voice


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