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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Senior Correspondent Arnold Woodworth's Weekly Wrap-up from Across the Web

Here's How To Set Up The Security Feature Apple Recommends You Use To Protect Your Password

Why the Apple iPhone lost China

In August of 2012, China was shocked by news that a teenager sold one of his kidneys to buy an Apple iPhone.

A subsequent police investigation uncovered a gang of organ harvesters.

Sensational stories such as those, as well as the long lines of customers that invariably form whenever Apple rolls out its latest product, suggest that China - the world's largest market for smartphones - is mad for the iPhone.

And yet, the kidneys-for-iPhones scandal also illustrates a key reason why Apple's Golden Age in China may be coming to an end: In a country where workers earn an average monthly salary of a little more than $600, China's domestically made budget phones, which can cost less than one-third of the iPhone's price, are increasingly eating Apple's lunch.

Is the Apple Watch an etiquette nightmare?

Even though smartwatches are now worn by only a small minority of consumers, they’re already an irritant to many. “These smartwatches can be as annoying as our smartphones and more visible since you wear them,” says Pamela Eyring

Why Apple exemplifies everything that’s wrong with Silicon Valley

fans are in love with gadgets that don’t matter much

You can see the impact of silicon valley tech everywhere – except in productivity, economic growth and standard of living.

But the money has been good, because internet companies are cheap to start and generate good returns even if they’re only sold to Facebook or Google, which want their engineers.

The most wealth-creating, new technology of the past decade was hydraulic fracking.

So excuse me if I don’t get excited.

What Apple's New Products Say About the Future
Along with new software and hardware, the company revealed their vision for an entirely new way of interacting with devices.

The watch is a big deal. Not because of the watch but because of the user interface: Get ready for an entirely new way of interacting with your devices.

The watch will become a wand or remote for the world.

Apple reestablished its dominance as an innovative user-interface company.

How the Apple Watch could change the world -- again

Right now, it's the default controller for the Internet of Things

One Infinite Loop is doing what it does best: Making it seem like it invented a bunch of market categories, when really what it did was refine existing technology into an ostensibly more workable, user-friendly design.

the Apple Watch may just go down in history as version 1 of one of those rare world-changing technologies.

Are the New iPhones Too Big for Women's Hands?

Apple Watch isn’t what women want

Apple has entered the realm of fashion with the Apple Watch, a device that works with an iPhone and is really an accessory, not a must-have.

For many women, the watch is too geeky-looking.

Here’s the Apple Watch Next to All the Other Smartwatches

Wolverton: Apple Watch underwhelms

But in some ways the design of Apple Watch is very conventional and even pedestrian.

Apple Watch suffers from several shortcomings, big and small.

Its first big problem is that it isn't a stand-alone device; you can't do much with the Apple Watch unless it's connected to a smartphone. And not just any smartphone; it has to be connected to an iPhone.

A real watch guy's take on the Apple Watch

Apple got more details right on their watch than the vast majority of Swiss and Asian brands do with similarly priced watches, and those details add up to a really impressive piece of design.

This articles lists what the "real watch guy" liked and disliked about the Apple Watch.

Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Watch

Law professor thinks Apple turned self into a regulated financial institution

Did Apple Inc. AAPL-0.53% just inadvertently take on a new financial regulatory burden with the rollout of Apple Pay?

Depending on how a lawyer interprets the law, Apple may have just walked into the very different world of being a regulated entity.

An Apple iBank is only a matter of time

Don’t think an iBank or Apple Bank or Google Bank is possible? It’s not only likely, it’s inevitable and closer than you think ? a fact underscored by the payment technology embedded in the most recent wave of consumer electronics.

Why Apple Pay Can Succeed Where Google Wallet Failed

Apple Pay could put an end to data breaches

First, Apple does not store the actual credit card data on the iOS device, or on iCloud. The payment information is encrypted and stored in a “Secure Element.” 

In the event that your iPhone is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to disable Apple Pay payments through the Find My iPhone site.

Android loyalists and Apple bashers are quick to point out that Apple is actually late to the NFC party. That is true. The major difference is that Apple has the support and momentum to make it mainstream.

How hackers could still get around Apple Pay security

Apple’s got to catch up to Android’s latest operating system.

The most important differentiator for Android over iOS right now are the widgets.  With widgets on the home screen of my Android-based Samsung 11″ Galaxy tablet , less tapping, less scrolling and more relevant information in front of my eyes every time I glance at the home screen is a tremendous advantage.

I’ve owned Apple stock since it was at a split-adjusted $1 per share, but if I didn’t own any, I’d look to start building it sooner rather than later. And stick with Google GOOG too.

Apple's Tim Cook Slams Amazon In Interview With Charlie Rose

Apple CEO Tim Cook told Charlie Rose in a long interview on Friday that he considers Facebook a partner, Google a competitor, and Amazon, well, neither.

Why Apple's website crash is troubling

Apple has yet to completely master the highest demand situations in cloud computing -- an area that is critical to the company's strategy.

cloud computing success requires stability and availability, even under the most pressing demands.

The iPod Classic quietly passed away this week. It was 12 years old.

If you didn’t notice its death, don’t feel too bad. Apple didn’t make an announcement. It simply pulled the product from its website, while the world gawked at the Apple Watch and the fact that U2 is still around.

How Steve Jobs Convinced Tim Cook To Work For Apple

When Cars Are as Hackable as Cell Phones

All the autonomous vehicle makers have downplayed security concerns.

Obviously, everyone building autonomous vehicles has a major incentive to get the security issues right. But so do credit card companies and Target and Apple-and they have all experienced major problems with security over the last few years.

Your Car IS Spying On You

The owner's manual says:
“Daimler AG can access these data and submit them … for safety research or vehicle diagnosis purposes … on the instruction of prosecuting authorities… (and) as otherwise permitted by law.”

The author notes that this has already happened -- his Onstar-equipped vehicle told Onstar of his "spirited" driving and OnStar called him in the car to inquire if he needed EMS.
He had not wrecked it; it just didn't like the loads (presumably lateral and acceleration loads) it had detected.

Are computer games really that harmful?

The third group is the minority that will actually be influenced by games, and those individuals can commit acts of violence, possibly triggered by a game. However - and this is important to understand - those people would also be influenced by a book or a movie, or any other trigger, such as a real-life conflict situation. The mere fact that a simple visual trigger such as a computer game results in a violent response shows that we're talking about troubled individuals requiring emotional help.

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