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Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to incorporate WordPerfect into your Mac

If you used WordPerfect for DOS on your PC during the Reagan and Clinton years, you may have fond memories of it. You probably have a copy of the program somewhere, as well as many files originally written in it.

Well, you have options with your Mac to read and write these files again! The bad news is that it takes a lot of hard work to set up WP for DOS to run with a Mac. The good news is that someone else already did the work and made it available for you for FREE. All you have to do is copy over the essential WordPerfect for DOS files that you acquired by whatever means some years back.

You DO NOT need to install Windows to run WordPerfect for DOS on your Mac. The free/donation-ware DOSBOX which emulates MS-DOS serves as the basis for this method of running WP for DOS on an Intel Mac. Software has been already compiled for you to use. Just go here and read the instructionscarefully.

The one-stop information site for all these options is Edward Mendelson maintains the site and he is a long-time writer about computers. WP for DOS is a passion of his. This site compiles all he and many other contributors have done to keep WP for DOS running.

If you used WordPerfect for Mac during the ‘90s and beyond, you should know that a dedicated group has kept good ol Classic WP for Mac up and running. Go here on Edward Mendelson’s site for more information on running Classic WordPerfect for Mac on an Intel Mac. Yes, it can be done.

If you run WordPerfect for Mac, you should know about the Yahoo Group for WordPerfect for Mac. Edward Mendelson belongs to this group and frequently contributes to it. John Rethorst runs the group. God Bless Him and all those who keep their favorite software up and running.

Finally, if you just need to read WordPerfect files, download LibreOffice here. It’s free, but not Mac-specific. If you want a Mac-specific program that reads WordPerfect files, donate $10 to No complaining about MIcro$oft unless you are willing to help an independent developer!

A word about WordPerfect for Windows. Yes, you can run it on your Mac in a Windows virtual machine. Yes, you have to buy Windows.

No, WordPerfect for Windows does not work well-if at all-under the Crossover/WINE software. Crossover is a brilliant idea & application. I salute Codeweavers for what they’ve accomplished. Check on their Web site for a list of Windows software that does and does not work under Windows.

Tom Briant

Editor, MacValley Blog

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