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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Identity theft protection hints and other stuff (hat tip to Arnold Woodworth)

9 ways to protect seniors from identity theft

35% of identity theft complaints come from those aged 50 or older

retirees and seniors are targets because they have higher cash reserves and are often less technologically savvy than others. But this is not just an online issue. The stories about "long lost" relatives calling seniors for money over the phone is a regular activity of con artists today.

The E-book Reader Revolution: Over Just as It Has Begun?

users who bought e-book readers [e.g., Kindle] see no particular urgency to buy another.

tablet computers can be used not just as sophisticated readers but also as Web browsers, game consoles and cameras.

dedicated e-readers have some selling points -- longer battery life and lower prices than tablet computers.

Snapchat:  Sexting tool, or the next Instagram?

The sender can choose how long the message will be visible -- up to 10 seconds -- before it self-destructs.

it appears possible that "teenagers are more likely using the app to safely explore the sort of silly, unguarded, and sometimes unwise ideas that have always occupied the teenage brain ... in a manner that won't haunt them forever. In other words, they're chatting with Snapchat precisely because it's not like chatting with Facebook.

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