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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thanks for the comments and now on to Mountain Lion

I want to thank everyone who’s left a comment. If you want to advertise your business via a link, that’s fine. I will delete a comment if my anti-virus software gives a warning of malware, though.

Apple starts selling Mountain Lion tomorrow. This isn’t exclusive news. I’ll have a copy by this weekend to test. I’ve upgraded the home Mac Mini to 8 Gb of RAM. I’m interested to see if Apple has fixed the problems with Windows SMB connectivity and VNC between Mac and PC.

I’m curious about the iCloud features. I’ve read an excellent explanation of what iCloud will entail at I recommend it to you if you, like I, have questions about just what is iCloud. Apparently it’s more-a lot more- than Apple’s really big server farm in North Carolina.

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