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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A few words about forked-daapd and its malfunction

As soon as I am cleaning up old business on a Saturday afternoon here in Los Angeles, CA…I should mention forked-daapd.

I recently tried setting up the most recent version of Ubuntu Linux, 12.04 Pangolin, and installing the version of forked-daapd, 0.19, in the repositories.

Well, it worked for 2 songs or 5 minutes; then it died. Same as before.

I don’t know why this happens. Julien Blache in France takes care of the updates to forked-daapd. He is a genius programmer in my opinion. With the European economic situation being dire, I assume he has devoted his attention to paying jobs.

I don’t know of a solution to the iTunes Music Server problem right now other than buying an older Windows computer and installing iTunes on it. Linux is not an answer as far as I know.

For those of you looking for an older Windows machine, I can suggest Discount Computer Warehouse here in Northridge at 8845 Shirley Avenue. For those of you on the East Coast, I can suggest PC Retro in the Washington DC area.

For those of you who have installed netatalk and avahi on your Linux boxes, well, I have used my Linux box as a networked drive with my Mac. The Cog music player worked well with this setup. Just drag and drop your Music folder from Linux onto Cog. Plays FLAC and Ogg as well as Apple’s M4A format and of course, MP3.

Tom Briant

Editor and Media Manager, MacValley UG

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