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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You're All a Part of Macvalley

Over the years, MacValley has done one thing really well -- we’ve survived. Especially over the past five years, in spite of the economy, and in spite of all that’s been thrown at our group, we’ve stayed in business. Even though dozens of Apple User Groups all over the country have shut their doors for good, we of Macvalley have worked together and we’ve come up with ways of staying viable as a group. This is real solid achievement. And as a result of all that work, we’ve had people come through Wilkinson’s doors, looking for help. Maybe just one, maybe two, or even three people a month, yet they do keep on coming. 

I believe that people, mostly 45 and up, come through our door at Wilkinson because they are looking for peer group support. They are looking for the sense of belonging to an active team that can answer their questions about their Mac, their iPad, their Apple products. They want the sense of being a part of a group that will answer their questions. A group that treats older Apple Users with respect, both for their intelligence and their capabilities. 

We don’t have any people left in our group who come to our meetings to just passively sit back and fold their arms and watch the show that’s being put on for them by the people at the front of the room. Instead, we have folks who come up to the microphone and say, “I’m having a problem with my Mac, and I need answers.” 

It’s just like watching popcorn pop. One person in the back of the room comes up with a suggestion. Then another person seated front-right expands on that suggestion. And still another person comes up with a couple of other possible ways to attack the problem. And before you know it, the person who originally asked the question has gotten a dozen or more suggestions, clarifications, and some healthy servings of good sound help for their problems. 

That’s teamwork. That’s when our MacValley members who attend the meetings become players. That’s when they’re all in the game. That’s what makes MacValley great. Our members, guests, and visitors, are the ones who make MacValley work. 

Apple users like you can come to our meetings and ask the hard questions. You can come up with thoughtful suggestions and great ideas. When you come to MacValley, you’re in the game, you’re playing the game, and you’re it playing hard and fast. And that includes both men and women, people who know their Macs pretty darned well, and people who are beginners or basic users. Everyone is welcome, everyone is included, and everyone is treated with total respect.  

And because everyone is included in the game of learning about their Mac and their iPad, everyone walks out of Wilkinson’s door with a thoughtful look on their faces. Everyone has at least one bit of information to take home, something they can use That’s because everyone at our meetings pitches in to turn terrific presentations and Q&A’s into a real team experience. Everyone is invited. All are welcome. And any person who attends our meeting can quickly and easily become totally involved. 

And that’s MacValley. 

Cristael Bengston

President, Macvalley UG

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