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Monday, April 16, 2012

Seven Apple News Items for today

    1.    Rumors from Chinese Web sites continue to suggest that Apple will introduce a 7" Mini iPad. The well-connected  American blogger, Jon Gruber, claims that Apple has a 7.85" Mini iPad in its lab. Whether this makes the leap from lab to your lap remains to be seen. A lot of Apple lab projects have remained just that.
    2.    But on the topic of what you can get right now, CocoaTech has brought out PathFinder 6. Pathfinder 5 was pretty awesome and Pathfinder 6 looks even better. More reports to come as I dig into it. If Finder doesn't cut it for you, you must try Pathfinder on a 30-day free trial.   Pathfinder 6 only works with Snow Leopard and Lion, but these fine folks keep older versions available, too. If you still run 10.4, check it out.
    3.    As for Philipe Starck's announcement that he and Apple have a product in the works….folks, it's a yacht for the Jobs family.  It's perfect for playing Battleship with Larry Ellison and his mega-yacht.
    4.    Apple and Walmart are working together on an Apple store within a Wal-Mart store. Who says Apple is for snobs?
    5.    Google should launch a file synchronization service next week. Citing a leaked draft release from an unnamed source, The Next Web reports that the internet search giant's new file synchronization service will finally be released next week with cross-platform compatibility in tow.
    6.    Mac resellers, such as Mac Connection and Best Buy, report running out of 15" MacBook Pros. This could signal Apple's ending one model and preparing to bring in the new and improved model.
    7.    And finally, Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel play themselves in new iPhone 4S commercials. 
And-stop the presses-I have a #8 here. Apple submitted a patent for non-programmers to design iOS apps.

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