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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quicken 2007 for Lion-More of the Same and That's a Good Thing

A version of Quicken came with the first two Macs I bought in 2001 and 2006. I paid for subsequent upgrades. I am sure that Quicken thought this out to some extent.

Quicken only offered Quicken Essentials for those of us upgrading to 10.7. Quicken Essentials got lots of bad press. Those reviews and the fact that the Mac was the only part of the personal computer business that actually grew in recent years, must have finally gotten Quicken's attention. Lots of competitors came forth to challenge the once-mighty Quicken.

So Quicken wised up, rewrote Quicken 2007, and offered it for the low, low price of $14.99.

So finally getting to the point, should you pay $14.99 to order or download this updated version of Quicken 2007?

I can say, Yes, because it works just like the old Quicken. You don't have to convert your Quicken files if you used Quicken 2005 through 2007 for Mac (but not Windows!).

If you used Quicken 2004 and earlier, you may encounter some problems. Exporting your Quicken data as a QIF file from that old version and then importing the QIF file into Quicken 2007 may pose some problems:

Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007 Not Allowing Import From QIF

Updated: 3/13/2012 | Article ID: SLN59631

Some Quicken Users are reporting that the From QIF option is grayed out when attempting to use File > Import to get data into Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007.  Others are reporting that they can select File > Import > From QIF, but the QIF they want to select is grayed out and cannot be chosen.  There are certain conditions that must be met before attempting to import a QIF:
  1. There must be a Quicken Data File Mac (QDFM) file open in Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007 for the data to be imported.  If there is no open file, the From QIF (and other Import options) will be grayed out and cannot be selected.  To confirm that a QDFM is opened prior to attempting to import a QIF, open the Accounts List (Command + A), which can be blank, but will display the file name across the top of the list.
  2. The QIF file itself will be grayed out if the selection made in the File > Import menu is From Web Connect, rather than From QIF. Web Connect files will have a QFX extension, rather than QIF, and if the mouse slips to Web Connect when making the Import From selection, the QIF file will not be a selection that can be made. To confirm the correct import selection has been made, look at the Browse window just above the file names to confirm that it does not say "Please select a Web Connect file to import."
If you have confirmed that both of these conditions have been met, and you are unable to select From QIF or the actual QIF itself, please click here to provide your contact information including your phone number (in case we need to work with you directly).

So in conclusion, if you used Quicken 2005 to 2007 for Mac; Quicken 2007 for Lion will import your old data files with no problems.

If you have an earlier version of Quicken and try to export a QIF file from it in order for Quicken 2007 for Lion to import it...this is problematic and NOT an automatic slam-dunk. Read the excerpt from Quicken's Web site to help you.

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