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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Speculation about the iPad 3

While I wait for the iPad 3, I have dug up some speculation about what it will come with.

1. Retina Display. Considering that Android devices have surpassed the iOS devices in sheer number of pixels pushed onto the screen (at least in the premium devices), I would anticipate an increase in the display's resolution.

2. Apple will probably name the processor in the iPad 3 the A6, succeeding the A5 in the iPad 2. The RAM memory will probably get bumped up, too, if only to handle the increased number of pixels in the display.

3. How about an HD camera for video chats? That's what many people use their tablets and iPads for.  Speculation is that, yes, Apple will improve the camera that faces you.

4. How about hopping on the 4G cellphone network? this is speculation. If Apple did release a 4G iPad, that would indicate a 4G iPhone would follow. Does Apple consider 4G a mature enough technology for it to use? We shall see.

5. Siri?! Again this is up in the air. If Apple did include it, I would buy an iPad 3 in a heartbeat.

6. The All Things D website reports that Apple will announce the iPad 3 early in March. So when is it available? Follow the link.

7. Will it look different from the iPad 1 and 2? Look, why argue with success? Maybe a little thicker and heavier to accommodate the new display, but not a lot different from previous models.

8. Discussion about the iPad. Look at the discussion threads following this article. They pose interesting questions, such as how often do you use your iPad now that you've had it awhile?

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