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Monday, October 3, 2011

A few words from Ken Gruberman about Sibelius

Hi everyone,
YES, I will be back at MacValley on October 5th to demo Sibelius 7 music notation software as I promised, and I am really looking forward to it. Sibelius 7 is the most advanced and nuanced version of Sibelius yet, and now includes over 25GB of sampled instruments that are included at no extra cost! This is ten times more than Finale offers. This allows Sibelius 7 users to play and hear accurate sounding scores no matter what the instrumentation.

Speaking of Finale, Sibelius 7 features some compelling ways for Finale users to finally switch over to a much easier and more intuitive way of writing music.

This is an important step forward, as many professional orchestrators and other musicians I’ve talked to over the years have told me about their ongoing frustration with using Finale, and expressed their desire to switch over to Sibelius. The only thing stopping them? Their fear of “having to start all over again” from the ground up. Now, with Sibelius 7’s new Speedy Entry system and the ability to open Finale-generated Music XML files, they’ll feel right at home!

AVID’s marketing team has been working with me to provide materials for the demo, such as pens and literature, along with an actual boxed copy of the program itself.

Don't take this for granted; most marketing departments — Avid's included — have endured huge budget and staff cuts. So most of them do everything online and have very little in the way of printed literature and goodies to give away like the old days. And a prize donation? Almost unheard of now! But, because of our long-standing relationship, they have agreed to give us a copy of Sibelius 7, which sells for $599, and one of you will be going home with it at the end of the evening.

Because of the specialized nature of this software, the prize will be featured in its own drawing. Tickets will be one for $5, or three for $10. Do you feel lucky?

Speaking of online, if you think about it, you can get everything online these days regarding marketing, especially regarding Sibelius. You can download a free demo of the software. You can get the fact sheet and see tutorial videos and a Finale/Sibelius comparison page, etc. etc. To learn more, watch videos, or even download your own trial copy, simply go to:

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