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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The May 2011 Voice is up

The May 2011 Voice is up and further news

Friends and neighbors, the May 2011 MacValley Voice is up. Log on, give it your member name and number, and enjoy it.

A bit off-topic, but the Grubersnorts (Ken Gruberman and Ellen Snortland) have $25,000 in pledges! They can now take their production of Ellen’s play “Now That She’s Gone” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Your editor is proud to have contributed to this effort.

Now back to topic. The more your editor hears about OS X 10.7, the more he wants to know. My sources tell me that Rosetta is not included with their Developer preview and that the lack of Rosetta and PowerPC compatibility will wreak havoc. A lot of the smaller 3rd party programs that you install that run in the background still retain their PowerPC roots.

If you want a list of the PowerPC programs on your Mac, go to the Apple menu and click on “About This Mac”. You’ll get a basic description of your Mac.

Below that you’ll see a button “More Information...” Click on that.

You’ll see a list of contents on your left-hand side. Go down that list to Software. Below that, you’ll see an indented list. You want the first item, Applications. Click on that.

In a minute or so, after a survey of your computer’s applications is done, you’ll see an alphabetized list of programs. To sort these programs by program type, click on the “kind” column. You’ll be surprised. You’ll probably have to upgrade a program or two if you haven’t upgraded in a while.

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