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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Target Sells the iPad and How to Print from an iPad for free

I went to the Northridge Target today and didn’t see the iPad on display. I saw iPad accessories, but no iPad. No line eagerly awaiting the “magical and revolutionary device” either.

The Northridge Target store, just to give some location, is no more than 20 minutes from the Apple Store at the Northridge Fashion Center or the BestBuy on Tampa Avenue. That includes time to get the kids buckled into their seats. So my guess is that if anyone in Northridge wanted a iPad real bad, they have purchased it already.

Target only sells the iPad in the stores. If you want to order it via the ‘Net, go to Apple.

I’ve made fun of marketing in this blog and elsewhere, but I gladly admit that Apple has covered a lot of territory between the Apple Store, Best Buy, and now Target. Got those demographics covered!

Onto other iOS device news. Tech blogger Amit Agarwal wrote and published on his blog how to print from a smartphone with a DropBox account to a Windows computer and its attached printer. I recommend seeing the video he posted, too. My link is to his article. Go there first.

Look around on Lifehacker and you’ll also find a method using OS X Automator to accomplish printing from a smartphone using DropBox to a Mac and its local printer.

And yes, there’s a way to do this with a Linux computer, too. Mr. Agarwal has a link to that in his article. I’ll leave that to the Linux enthusiasts.

I’ve played with the Windows version and I must say it solves the problem of printing from a Mac to a Windows 7 machine better than any solution I’ve tried.

Simply install Dropbox, download and install this script, and…and you’re printing. It’s GENIUS.

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